"App is Damaged and Cannot Be Opened"

I have been informed that opening the app yields an "App is damaged and cannot be opened" alert. Some sources suggest that it's an issue with Gatekeeper, but BrickBreaker works fine, so I suspect it might be a library linking issue. I will be looking into this. Leave a comment if Pixel Shootout works for you or if you find a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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It would appear that the issue is caused by a code signing problem. A simple workaround is to launch the program from Terminal. Open a new Terminal window and type "/path/to/Pixel Shootout.app/Contents/MacOS/Pixel Shootout", replacing '/path/to' with wherever you saved the application (e.g. 'Downloads'). An example of this command would be:

"Downloads/Pixel Shootout.app/Contents/MacOS/Pixel Shootout"

The quotation marks allow you to have spaces in your command.

I will try to fix this issue as soon as possible.